Reiki is a Japanese healing modality. It  works to intuitively support your body’s natural healing system.  It clears blocked energy within your chakra system, promoting a more balanced flow to improve your overall emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.


Some people like to use Reiki as a treatment to relax. Reiki can help with stress, anxiety and sleep. It helps to clear the mind. Most people feel ‘lighter’ after a session. 


Reiki can help you to learn more about yourself. It can help you to understand how your emotions could be linked to the physical symptoms you are experiencing such as tension, headaches, digestive issues and even diagnosed illnesses. 


Reiki aims to heal the root cause of physical symptoms and illnesses. It does not treat the symptoms, it focuses on the underlying reasons  for your physical symptoms.

Reiki is NOT a medical treatment or a cure and can be used to compliment medical interventions you may be receiving. 


Reiki can help with anxiety, overthinking, depression, lack of motivation and unhealthy thought patterns. It can help you to start addressing repeated emotional patterns in your life.

Reiki can help you to understand yourself better and consequently improve your relationships with others. 

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