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21 Days exploring Self Love and how to incorporate it into your daily life – reconnect with yourself. Learn to love yourself.

Day 21 – The Ending, Or The Beginning?

Evolving Through Endings

As I begin to write the last day of the Self Love Challenge, I reflect on ‘endings’, the ‘last’ of something, but the ‘start’ of something else. Doors closing, doors opening. Moving through phases and stages; evolving from what we were to what we have become and preparing for where we would like to be. 

Growing Roots 

On our journey seeds are sown in our minds throughout the different experiences we have had. Some seeds grow quicker than others whilst others are watered a bit further along the line.

Trees grow roots before they do branches, and in fact whilst the roots are growing (which we can’t see), it might look like nothing is happening, whereas a really significant process is occurring – that of laying of solid foundations and providing stability. This is a reminder of patience, that we don’t always see the results we want to when we want to, but trust that they will happen. 


Some of these Self Love Challenges, may have come easier than others that need more time, more watering and nurturing to grow. 

You may already have been quite content in your own company and made time for this,  but perhaps you need to work on ‘receiving’ from others a bit more. 

You may have been very good at looking at yourself spiritually, but need to work on your physical care. 

Maybe at work, you are able to stand your ground and be assertive, but in your personal life, you really struggle to say ‘no’ and end up taking additional responsibility which you later regret and feel resentful for. 


We will always have things we need to work on and improve, but there is something  powerful in focusing on what you have achieved, no matter how big or small. Self Love is also celebrating our accomplishments, giving ourselves a pat on the back every so often. 

I have no idea how many people have been doing this challenge, other than those you have been engaging with me. A big THANK YOU, whether you only read through the challenges every so often or whether you took part in each and every activity! I have felt very inspired by the interaction I have had from everyone and it has been wonderful to hear about the changes you have already made. 

Consolidating Change

Now is the time to start to consolidate the changes you have started to make. Some of it will be trial and error. Just experiment with what works for you. Take it day at a time. 

At The Forefront Of My Mind! 

I have thoroughly enjoyed this challenge! You see, Self Love has been at the forefront of my mind, every day as I committed to this challenge I have had to think about SELF LOVE, feel it, immerse in it myself for the last 21 days!

As I wrote earlier on, my sessions were not pre-scheduled, I simply wrote each challenge the night before, as this enabled me to remain in synch with you. 

Limitless Love

So as a personal ‘experiment’ for me, I have noticed how ‘in the flow’, and ‘happy for no reason’, I have felt as I have had Self Love on my mind every day!

This is because Love is the highest vibration one can experience. We have been exchanging the energy of ‘Love’ and disseminating it out there!

We have been pouring into our own cup which is necessay before we pour into another .


What’s Next 

Weekly Self Love Reminders & Check In’s -Starting from 28th January – Every Sunday Night – For the week ahead.

Valentine’s 5 Day Love Challenge – 12th to 16th February. 

‘Future Self” Self Love Letter Opening 5 Day Challenge – 16th April 2018:

Access Letter Opening Challenge here!


If you’d like to leave feedback about how you found this challenge, you can;

-Comment below (You don’t need to leave your name if you prefer to remain anonymous – you can just leave an initial). Your email won’t be displayed either.  

-Or you can leave me a private message here 

Thank You

As there seemed to be a ‘Teddy’ theme emerging when you were sending me creative pictures of the challenges, it would have been rude not to get mine out! 

Keep an eye out for the weekly check ins – until then carry on Sprinkling Self Love, everywhere you go. 

Love, Sukhi:)



Day 20 – Inner Guidance – Do you trust you?

Wow Day 20 already! In some ways it seems as if it went really quick and in others it seems like we have been doing this for a while as the challenges have of course been daily for the last 3 weeks!


There has been a good level of engagement on social media regarding the challenge, and it has been heartwarming to get your comments about how this has encouraged you to begin re-connecting with yourselves, at whatever ‘stage’ of Self love you may be at. The first step is recognising it is missing from you and that it is not something that can be ‘filled’ by someone else.

Some have said the challenge has inspired them to offer their own challenges!


I love that! One of my passions (and you would have been figuring yours out during this challenge) is help ignite that spark in others, to help others to want to start to connect with themselves and subsequently become more whole… and therefore step into their true selves. 

The ‘exchange’ that is created by people who ‘collectively’ take part in a topic, which is so close to our hearts is very powerful

Ripple Effect

I started my counselling journey working therapeutically in one to one counselling and in recent years my roles have involved working more with the collective, whether it is through training, supervision or other interventions; which reach out to so many people at the same time, causing a ripple effect. 

Self Love too causes a ripple effect. Each and everyone of you are causing a ripple effect, by learning to love yourselves, this has a positive impact on others around you, who will impact someone else and them another and so forth…

Stay Passionate 

Once you know your passions, believe in them; they might be tested, from time to time. Would you be willing to sacrifice a passion that is a part of you?

I had to make decisions which meant walking away  and letting go of the things that required me to compromise far too much and by doing so I would have disconnected from my TRUE SELF. I realised I  valued myself too much to ‘let myself go’ – however I only was able to do this once I developed Self Love and actually I only became aware of the compromising realities around me once my perception had changed through loving and valuing myself.  

Self Love gives COURAGE and FAITH. You begin to believe in yourself and therefore TRUST your ‘inner guidance’. 

Trusting your own vibe? 

In my recent questions on social media, I asked 1) Do you trust your vibe? 2) Do you experience gut feelings, intuition, instincts? 3) Do you ignore your gut feeling?

Although about 86% said they trust their instincts, not many said they follow these through. Actually 80% said they ignore their gut feelings and inner guidance!

So although people TRUST their inner guidance, they still IGNORE it. I wondered if this was to do with DOUBT OR FEAR? 57 % said this was due to fear and 43 % said is was doubt! Some said resistance gets in the way. 

 From my own experience, when my instincts have been guiding me into a different direction that I am on, I have gone through periods of ‘having my head in the sand’, also known as avoidance!- Once you are ready to face whatever this new awareness will bring, we can start to take our head out of the sand and look around a bit at the reality…. then maybe a bit more….For how long can we continue to deny ourselves from our true selves?

To follow your instincts, requires accepting and embracing the unknown, and appreciating the loss of what already exists. 

Coming to an end 

This January challenge is coming to an end, however this is the START or RE-START of your Self Love Journey .  You have been building a bag of Self Love Tools, and learning how to incorporate them into your daily lives. 

Tomorrow, I will talk about how I will be continuing to keep the topic of Self Love alive through my work at Enlight and what else might be on offer in the future. 

Now your letter!

Day 20 Self Love Challenge

1) Finish your letter!

You can add: (Remember this is from the NOW YOU to the FUTURE YOU)

‘The biggest thing that you took away from the Challenge was…..’  

(Can you add anything about your inner guidance? Where are you at with that?)

You made  a commitment to LOVE  YOURSELF over the last three months so, today let’s together reflect and celebrate this’

2) Finish by adding anything else you want to on your letter, seal it and then you need to find a safe place to keep it for 3 months.

Maybe you could give it to a friend to hold, or if you did this challenge with a friend, maybe you could swap letters and exchange in 3 months time. 

I will be guiding you through the letter opening process week commencing 16th April 2018 – So tune in then! 

3) It is the weekend, so today just carry on doing what you plan to continue doing and that is ADDING SELF LOVE to your DAILY LIVES. 


Until tomorrow – Day 21 🙂

Take Care




Day 19 -The Future You

Let’s continue with the letter we started yesterday. 

Day 19 Self Love Challenge

Look back at the challenge and reflect on the concept of Physical, Mental/Emotional and Soul/Spiritual SELF LOVE. 

Since the challenge, have you been reminded of looking after your Mind, Body and Soul ? Were you looking after yourself in some aspects more than others?

On my Facebook Poll, 75% of you said you don’t look after yourself Spiritually. On Instagram I did 2 Polls and they balanced out to around half of you saying you look after your soul! 

Moving forward as the Challenge finishes in two days, have a think about the following questions…


1) How do you plan to continue developing Self Love regarding your Mental Health /  Emotional Well Being?


2) How do you plan to continue developing Self Love regarding your Physical Health?


3)  How do you plan to continue developing Self Love regarding your Spiritual Health? 

4) Revisit the Scale -From 0-10 – How much Self Love do you have now? How much you loving yourself right now?

The same? Much better? Worse (hopefully not!) – What helped you to shift ? Was there a turning point? What would you like to score in 3 months time? (That’s when you will read the letter again).

5) If you could write a short quote of Self Love, that you would like the ‘Future You’ to read – what would this be?

You can make your own up or you might find an existing one which resonates with you. 

For example, I love this:

“The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame. The gift is yours – it is an amazing journey – and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. This is the day your life really begins.”  Bob Moawad

To me this quote signifies the importance of Self Love and detachment; being one with yourself. If you’re not at a place of Self Love, this quote could feel daunting, especially if you are beginning to understsnd what detachmet means, as this can be misunderstood.

Detachment is not being ‘disconnected’, in fact by being detached you actually become more connected to yourself and everyone around you – you just don’t expect others to make you happy. You do that yourself (from love, not resentment). 

Your quote might be as simple as;

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” George Eliot

“Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it. ” M. Scott Peck

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” Lucille Ball

You could look through the Challenge and pick anything, that resonates with you, motivates you, inspires you….

6) Continue with your letter…..

Add to your letter:

As I read this letter from the OLD ME to the NOW ME, I have been reminded that I planned to show Self Love in the following areas:

Towards my Physical Health by……….

Towards my Emotional/Mental Health by……….

Towards my Spiritual Health by……….

When I finished The Self Love Challenge I loved myself (add rating) out of 10 and today as I read this letter I hoped to be a (add rating) out of 10.

This quote is especially for you (Add chosen quote)  

We will finish the letter off tomorrow – but feel free to write more on it, should you find you have the desire to do so – Go for it. This is your letter – what would you like the future you to know?

Have a great day, and of course remember… keep on sprinkling that Self Love!



Day 18 – Let’s Start Winding Down – A letter of Love

Today is Day 18, so we have 4 more days left including today. The following exercise, is going to be spread over the over the next 3 days, so you have until Day 20 to finish it.  I will share with you part of the exercises each day, over the next 3 days. 

The purpose of this is to allow time for reflection, re-evaluation and setting your intention for the future development of Self Love. 

Day 18 Self Love Challenge

I want you to start writing a letter from  the ‘NOW YOU’, to the ‘FUTURE YOU’. Sounds weird right? Have an open mind and just give it a go!  In Numerology 2018 is partly about doing things differently! 

Before you write the letter, I want you to reflect on the last 18 days and think about the Concept of Self Love as you understand it now in relation to looking after your Mind, Body and Soul. 

There have been check in points throughout the Challenge where you were asked to stop, reflect and plan for the week ahead so we are now just bringing everything together. 

1) Reflect on / look back on how you described Self Love at the beginning of the Challenge? How would you describe it now? Do you see Self Love in a different way, if so how?

2) Look back at where you rated yourself at the beginning of the Challenge, from 0-10 with how much you loved yourself in 2017. 

3) Remember what your Self Love Barriers were? The things that got in the way of you looking after yourself. 

If you kept a journal through this Challenge, have a look through what you had written. 

4) You are now ready to start writing your letter – Copy the following and begin to fill in the blanks. 


Dear (Your name) –  The future me. 

I am writing you this letter, to remind you (just in case you forgot!), about  The Self Love Challenge you took part in January 2018. 

Before The Self Love Challenge, you thought Self Love was……….

As you did The Self Love Challenge, you learnt that Self Love was……….

In 2017, you said you loved yourself (Add rating) out of 10, with 10 being the highest. 

You realised that your Self Love Barriers were……….

That’s it for now – we will continue with this tomorrow – But you get the jist right?

Over the next 3 days, you would have written yourself a Letter of Love! Then I will tell you what to do with the letter afterwards!

Have a great day!



Day 17 – Get Creative With Your Self Love

5 Days of the Challenge left to go!

The Challenge will stay on my Website, so you can look back at it, or sections of it when you need to revisit anything.  I will also be doing regular TOUCH BASE and CHECK IN Blog/Sessions. 


‘I am enjoying finding out about myself and what brings me joy’

‘I realised I was looking for my partner to make me feel happy, but I know I need to do it myself’

‘I have Self Love in my mind, to start my day with’

‘I have started to feel more connected to myself’

‘I have been feeling Self Love and Loving Kindness towards others’

‘I am now trying new things just for me’

‘I thought, rather than stressing, what CAN I DO about this situation’ 

‘I realised I overthink, and I am more aware of that now’

Step by step, day by day, if you focus bit by bit on Self Love, I believe you will truly begin to improve so much in your life. 

If you find that you are struggling with developing Self Love, I would suggest that after the Challenge, you repeat Day 1 and Day 2  until you feel ready to move to the following Day. 

Day 17 Self Love Challenge

1) In preparation for a forthcoming session, get some paper and an envelope ready. 

You will be writing a letter – I will explain later!

2) Today, think of creative ways to incorporate Self Love into your life.

Maybe this can be doing things for yourself that you might usually expect or want from someone else.  But do it from LOVE not from RESENTMENT: I often buy myself flowers! I just love the presence of flowers in my home. They are a treat from me to me. 

How about your appearance or the way you dress? Have you got clothes you have not worn for a while, but still love! Why not dig them out, and think about how you want to present yourself to the world. The colours we wear can shift energy and alter mood! 

Remember, Self Love is looking after the INNER YOU and the OUTER YOU!

Make a list of fun activities you would like to do. I had a client who used to fill a box up with lots of different ideas of activities she would like to do, and on a day that she might not be feeling too great (perhaps her mood was dipping, or she was feeling a bit sad), she would go and select something from the box to do!

When we are feeling down, we may not have the capacity or strength to think of how we can bring ourselves out of the mood, therefore having pre-written ideas really helps, as you don’t need to think, you just need to pick!

Smile More! If you pass someone on the street, smile at them. If you sit next to someone on the bus or train, smile at them. Don’t be disheartened if  they don’t smile back – remember Self Love is not about getting validation from others, it is about changing how you relate to yourself and in turn with others. 

Write and rip, burn or shred! If you can not shift something, and it is really bugging you – it could be regarding a situation or conversation you had and you just can not get it out your head. Write down all your feelings to do with the situation, you could also write down what you would like to say to any persons involved. Get it all out feel the emotions, scribble away – do what you need to. 

Once you have finished… A bit SIGH… and then get rid of the paper by your chosen method; rip it up, shred it or burn it! Some people like to practice such things around the time of the full moon due to the clearing energy associated with the moon. 

3) How you feeling about the Challenge coming to an end? 

I have had some comments from my very enthusiastic challengers, expressing that not having this daily focus might feel a bit strange!!  

I will be continuing this Challenge in a slightly different form once it finishes as I do feel the ‘Exchange’ that is created by people, who collectively take part in a topic so close to our hearts, is very powerful! 

That combined with what you have created for yourself on your own independant journey, taking responsibility of your own Self Love, is forming  a foundation on which you can continue to develop and build Self Love. 

Have a wonderful day – and don’t forget to keep sprinkling Self Love where every you go!

Sukhi 🙂 




Day 16 – Mental Health – Thoughts on Blue Monday

So yesterday was suppose to be Blue Monday, the saddest day of the year. Do you agree? Did you feel sad? 

Maybe by telling people it is suppose to be the saddest day of the year, sows a seed in their mind, making them believe they will and should feel sad. Do you think this is true? If you are told by media, we are meant to feel a certain way on a certain day, then do we? 

I didn’t post about Blue Monday yesterday, instead I posted about Love, how the love we seek outside, is the love deep with in us.

Self Love improves our mental health. Love is a powerful tool!


Blue Monday, however generated lots of conversations around Mental Health.

As previously stated in this challenge – I’ve written we need to look after ourselves HOLISTICALLY, our Mind, Body and Soul. 

We have focused on the BODY (physical health) and also on the SOUL (Spiritual Health). 

I didn’t label a section on MIND (Mental Health), because all the other exercises this Challenge has provided, all link with your Mental Health.

Physical Health and Spiritual Health interlink with and contribute to Mental Health. So if you do some meditation or physical exercise, this will help to improve your Mental Health which I prefer to refer to as Emotional Well being.

The word ‘Mental’ can throw people off a bit as it can be assumed that by ‘Mental’ health we are referring to a serious mental health illness. 

Are you Mentally Healthy? (1 in 4 people, suffer from poor mental health at some point in their life). How to notice your mental health is effected? What you might experience:



Generally feeling low for no reason

Depression, or depressive symptoms

Sleeping difficulties

Reduced motivation 

Panic Attacks


Loss of appetite  

Loss of direction in life

Emotional outbursts

We ALL feel these from time to time right? It is NORMAL!! 


To sum up some of what we have already covered in the challenge, ways to look after your mind include;

Showing Gratitude 

Doing Affirmations


Taking time out

Learning to say no

Self reflection 

Realising what is in your control and what is not

Adding to your resources – your Emotional Tool Box


Being out in nature

Being creative 

Getting in touch with your joy and passion

Self compassion – give your feelings time and attention 

Positive self talk

Scaling feelings and setting targets 

Talk to someone

Self help books

I am sure you have come up with many creative ways to look after your MIND since you have been on the challenge. 

I would love to hear what these are, comment below or message me privately. 

1) Notice your Mental Health (your emotional wellbeing) today, – how does your MIND feel? 

Does it feel, full, busy, stressed, tired, heavy?


Does it feel calm, peaceful, clear and light?

Simply observe your mind throughout the day for the next few dsys.

If you notice your mind is not at peace, then give yourself a few moments, to remember the strategies you have learnt from the challenge, what can you do?

Remember the simple, quick ‘do it anywhere’ trick –  just BREATHE! 

Take a deep breath in through your nose and follow your breath until it fills your stomach. 

Hold your breath and count to 4.

Now slowly begin to release your breath through your mouth.

Do this slowly and make sure our outer breath is longer than the breath you took in. 

Remember this can be done anywhere and has good calming results. 

Question for you! 

3) If you were granted a wish that would change something in your life, from tomorrow, from the moment you wake up – what would you wish for? 

This is a very revealing magical question. What would you change? What does your answer tell you? Is this possible- can you make it possible? What do you need to do? Share your answers with me as I will write further blogs on these in the future! 

Have a great day!










Day 15 – Your Love is Not Outside; It is deep within you

“Your love is not outside; it is deep within you. You can never lose it, and it cannot leave you. It is not dependent on some other body, some external form. In the stillness of your presence, you can feel your own formless and timeless reality as the unmanifested life that animates your physical form. You can then feel the same life deep within every other human and every other creature. You look beyond the veil of form and separation. This is the realization of oneness. This is love.” – Eckhart Tolle

That nicely sums up what you have been working on the last 14 days. You have been working on re-connecting to the LOVE within you.

Once you connect to the LOVE within you , you will connect to it with others around you as well. 

Welcome to the last week of the challenge!

Thank you for everyone who keeps in touch and lets me know how they have been getting on with the challenge. Some have got catching up to do as well – which is fine by the way! The challenges will stay on the website, so you can revisit them at anytime. 

Day 15 Self Love Challenge 

Figure out, what you would still like to work on this week. Maybe this is an area, that you feel you never quite got into the swing off i.e. the love affirmations perhaps on Day 11 or the Body Scan on Day 10

1) Have a browse through the sessions, what do you feel you want more practice on? Make that your focus for this week. 


This week, we will also be consolidating what we have done so far and begin reviewing the experience of the challenge and what difference it has made to you so far. 

Use the Monday to ease in after the weekend. 

Until tomorrow!



Day 14 – Self Love Preparation – Get ready for the week ahead.

Today is a good day, to plan and prepare for the week ahead. Take responsibility of your Self Love; ensure it continues to flow! Preparation is key, until something becomes natural. 

Prep Work!

Thinking about your week ahead in which ways can you practice and develop Self Love? For Example, this week could you; 

Add to your Self Love Jar?

Go for a walk in nature?

Prepare your meals for work?

Schedule an appointment with yourself?

Do a body scan for 10 minutes?

Do some mindful colouring?

Day 14  Self Love Challenge:

1) Plan Self Love for the week ahead! 

-It might help to diarise it or put reminders in your phone. 

Reflect on the days of the 21 Day Self Love Challenge so far and remember the  moments you felt the most Self Love

2) How did you feel during these moments of Self Love?

DId you feel harmony and peace?

Did you feel Relaxed?

Did you feel connected to yourself? 

What was your general experience of those days like?

Remembering to sprinkle Self Love throughout the day, makes all the difference. Maybe before having that confrontational conversation, take some deep breaths and centre yourself so you are more focused. Maybe go for a five minute walk, stretch your legs if you are based in office all day on the computer. Little Things Make a Big Difference.

Quick Breathing Exercise. Anyone can do this anywhere!

You can do this in you car, on public transport,  in a queue if your getting worked up having to wait, during an exam, (this simple exercise really helped students i’ve worked once they realised they can control their stress levels). You can do it before going to sleep….basically whenever!

3) Slowly take a deep breath in through your nose and follow your breath until it fills your stomach. Hold your breath and count to 4. Now slowly begin to release your breath through your mouth – Do this slowly and make sure our outer breathe is longer than the breath you took in. 

It might help to count, so you could breath in for 6, hold for 4 and breath out for 8 (or longer!).

This is a similar pattern to what smokers do, so actually the breathing technique that is in action during smoking, is one of the things that could be relaxing the smoker! If you are a smoker give this a try. 

The key thing about this simple exercise is it can be done discretely whenever, wherever and it is a great one to teach young children too! 

Have a great Sunday all. 

Sukhi 🙂 



Day 13 – Had The January Blues? – Self Love is being compassionate to yourself

The weekend is upon us again!

I hope you have enjoyed the challenges from this week. Just take them at your own pace and in your own stride. 

Have you been experiencing the January Blues? Answer on the Facebook Poll here. 

It is great to kick of the New Year with Self Love on the agenda, but I just wondered how this is going for you, especially if you might also be experiencing the January Blues? 

Self Compassion

Self Love includes showing yourself compassion when you feel you need it. It is allowing yourself time and space to nurture and nourish yourself. If you feel down about something, then allow Self Love to take care of you. Try not to block your feelings.  Create a space which allows you to take care of yourself. 

If you need to cry, then cry! Let it out! Self Love is ‘letting it out’, not keeping it in. It takes great strength to allow your emotions to be released rather than pushed in. This is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of great courage!

Day 13 Self Love Challenge

1) Some quotes for you to read and reflect on – See which (If any), resonate with you?

‘Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it. ” M. Scott Peck

‘Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.”  Ambrose Redmoon

“If you have the ability to love, love yourself first.”  Charles Bukowski

“I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art.”  Madonna 

“In your own life it’s important to know how spectacular you are.” Steve Maraboli

“Celebrate who you are in your deepest heart. Love yourself and the world will love you.”  Amy Leigh Mercree

2) Continue to sprinkle Self Love on yourself. Keep this in the forefront of your mind.

Be aware of how you can do this for your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Have a wonderful day! 


Day 12 – Find Your Passion; Start to reconnect to your soul

Yesterday, I posted about Soul Care and Unconditional Self Love. 

I asked on Social Media, if people feel they look after their spiritual self – I am still exploring this in general. Mostly people are saying ‘No’ that they are not looking after their ‘Souls’. Why Is this, I wonder? 

Do you look after your soul? Answer here.

Through years of being a Counsellor/Therapist, working psychodynamically (which explores the unconscious mind), with children, young people and adults from all walks of life, presenting with a variety of issues I would say in essence one of life’s biggest challenges is being who you truly are. 

How good are we at being someone for someone else? We are conditioned from a young age to be a certain way, expectations are put upon us from others.

These become harder to shift the more deeply embedded they become. We become disconnected from our true authentic selves – our Mind, Body and Soul become out of synch! 

By becoming disconnected from our true selves, I believe leads to imbalanced emotional wellbeing; anxiety, depression, loss of direction in life, relationship and attachment difficulties. 

Yesterday I wanted you to think about how you connect to your soul. I think finding something that resonates with you is important.

You simply start this by re-connecting or exploring what gives you joy and ignites that passion in you! Revisit Day 3 where you reflected on what gives you joy. 

‘Passion is oxygen of the soul’ Bill Butler 

So one way to start connecting to your soul is by connecting to your passion(s). This could be absolutely anything that gives you true joy! Cooking? Sport? Singing? Inspiring others? Art? Poetry? Music?

Have you since Day 3, stumbled across any new realisations? Have you reconnected with joyful activities from the past or realised new ones? 

Day 12 Self Love Challenge

1) Simply think about what are you passionate about? What do you absolutely love to do!? Reconnect to your passion and joy. 

Revisit Day 3 – If you realised that as a child you enjoyed art, well why don’t you try some now as an adult? If you loved sports, why not start a physical exercise? 

Up for another activity? 

2) Repeat yesterday’s session – number 3 and 4 on Love Affirmations 

Doing these affirmations regularly are helpful. 

Have a wonderful day 🙂