Happy New Year! 

If you’re familiar with the online Self Love Challenges this one is a little different.

Last January, I offered my first 21 day Self Love Challenge. This then, due to the demand and your engagement naturally evolved and there became many self love challenges throughout of 2018.

Thank you all for participating and making the Self Love Challenges so meaningful in your daily lives. 

Some of your comments of how the challenges helped:

‘To honour myself and ignite my inner sparkle’ 

‘It gave me strength to allow myself to think of me’

‘Allowing myself to be all that I can be’

‘To put distance between myself and others who keep using me’

‘I really got to know me and love me more’

‘I realised I was expecting my partner to make me happy, but I need to make myself happy first’


This year I asked YOU what you wanted; a 21 day challenge, or a weekly challenge?

This was a close vote – it stayed at 50/50 for while but in the end the majority asked for a weekly challenge.

It was so close though, so after some contemplation (and a way of kinda combining both!), a weekly challenge with regular check-ins has been decided upon – and it actually ends up being a 6 week challenge, so it is longer than previous ones. 

Are you up this? 

JANUARY 2019 – Self Love Challenge

Wed 2nd January – The challenge begins! (You get a day off on the 1st!)

Expect weekly challenges to be posted here – on this page (below) on Sundays during January. 

Dates and weekly themes: 

2nd January – Self Love Resolution –  Setting your intention for 2019

6th January  – Self Love Barriers – Overcoming the things that stop you from loving yourself 

13th January – ‘Love my body‘ – Physical health 

20th January ‘Love my mind’ – Mental and emotional health

27th January ‘Love my soul’ – Spiritual health 

3rd February  – January 2019 Self Love challenge recap and review

The check ins

If you want more than weekly challenges, then keep an eye out on Instagram @enlightcounselling or Facebook where you will find additional posts and videos for that week on that theme.

Let’s begin

Week 1 – Self Love Resolution –  Setting your intention for 2019

364 days to go…

It’s the second day of the year, which means there are 364 days left in 2o19. 

This weeks challenge asks you to think about setting your Self Love Resolutions for these remaining days!

Get a pen and paper, or do it electronically and write; 

In 2019, I will love myself more by ………(fill the gaps)……….

You may already be aware of what your Self Love Resolutions are, as you may have already reflected on these, however if you don’t – worry not! I will help you out.

Self Love Resolutions might feel a bit strange to set as they are about working on yourself from the inside, therefore these are not as tangible as the usual New Years Resolutions such as losing weight, giving up a ‘bad habit’, saving money, buying a car etc. 

Self Love Resolutions

Have a read of the following resolutions and see if any of those jump out at you. 

  • In 2019, I will love myself more by taking time out for ME on a regular basis, to do something nice for ME. 
  • In 2019, I will form the habit to be grateful for what I HAVE in my life and not worry about what I have not got
  • In 2o19, I will practice being in the present moment and become more and more ‘mindful’ each day
  • In 2019, I will give myself permission to face difficult emotions, I will no longer avoid them
  • In 2019 I will show myself love by being kind to myself on a regular basis
  • In 2019 I will make time to do the things that make me feel happy and lift my spirit
  • In 2019 I will spend more time with people who nourish my soul and help me to grow
  • In  2019 I will take more care of my body 

Do any of these resonate with you?

These are examples that may fit for you, otherwise they aim to inspire you to think about your own personal resolutions for this year. 

So over the next few days, really have a think about, what intention you want to set this year around developing your self love. 

You might find Decembers Self Love Blog a helpful read.

It is important to have a clear mindset as to what you really want to manifest. The more whole heartedly you set your intention the more likely you will manifest this into your life. 

To get more involved in this challenge follow Enlight on Instagram @enlightcounselling or Facebook 

Week 1 – Check in

So it’s the 5th January today, and before next week’s challenge is posted tomorrow, shall we just have a little check in? 

  • Have you chosen your Self Love Resolutions? Have you just ‘thought’ of them or have you also written them down? There is power in writing our intentions down, so if you have not done this yet, then do! There is also power in verbalising your intentions, so SAY THEM OUT LOUD! This affirms them – as a part of you ‘speaks’ your intention a part of you ‘hears’ your intention and a part of  you ‘believes’ your intention. It’s no longer in your head, just as a passing thought! So when you think, speak and listen to your intentions, you mean business!  
  • How serious and committed are you to achieving your Self Love Resolution(s)?  How much percent? 50-50? 60-40? 80-20? 0r 100%? This will determine your  outcome. Your commitment to yourself will give you the results you want and need in your life. 
  • Now think/say out loud/ or write ……‘If I don’t achieve my Self Love Resolutions this year, then this will make me feel……..(Fill in the blanks)……..’ For example if I did not meet my Self Love Resolutions and did not commit to them, at the end of the year I will not be feeling good about myself, that is for sure! I might feel as if I have let myself down and I would question where in the year did I stop focusing on me? for what? So have a think. How might you feel, if you did not meet your Self Love Resolutions? YOU CAN DO IT!!! Don’t let yourself down! 
  • Now think/say out loud/or write ……‘If I DO achieve my Self Love Resolutions this year, then this will make me feel……..(Fill in the blanks)……..’ So, for me I will feel positive, and energised with a greater sense of self value. I will feel proud that despite the challenges 2019 may have bought me, I still managed to develop my self love, even if at times this was hard. Let’s face it, the journey to Self Love can at times be very difficult – there is no doubt about that! So have a think, how might you feel if you achieved your Self Love Resolutions?

Hold these thoughts and feelings in mind throughout this challenge!!!!

Week 2  -Self Love Barriers – Overcoming the things that stop you from loving yourself  

The first step towards prioritising your own self care in order to grow your own self love is to figure out what gets in the way. 

Self Care; how we look after ourselves, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually determines how much we value ourselves and therefore how much we love ourselves. So in simplistic terms; 

Self care can lead to high self regard which increases your Self Love. This can lead to joy, happiness, healthy relationships, inner peace, feeling alive, good health, passion, creativity and so much more – you want to feel this right? On the contrary; 

A lack of self care leads to a lower sense of self worth which causes lower levels of Self Love. This can lead to a general dissatisfaction in many aspects of life. It can cause stress, anxiety, depressive symptoms, resentment and an overall feeling of unhappiness; just ‘existing’ but not really ‘living’ life – You don’t want to feel this right?

Many things can get in the way of self care and self love. This weeks challenge is for you to figure out what gets in your way and how you are going to overcome this. 

Are you busy, overworked, too many things to do, not enough time for you? Do you ‘put off’ your self care until tomorrow, then again until tomorrow, never really getting round to that soak in the bath, or that book you have been meaning to read, or that walk in the park?

People lead busy lives, or sometimes people have too much time on their hands, which can be equally difficult when it comes to finding motivation. We all have energy. We chose how to use it, or waste it. 

This weeks challenge, can be done in an order that you feel is right for you. You can pick the day that mostly resonates with you each day. It does not have to be completed in the order below. 

Monday 7th January 

Today write down all your barriers currently in your way, stopping you from doing the things in your life that will make you feel more love towards yourself. Reflect on any barriers you came across in 2018.  These may include; 

  • Not enough time 
  • Feeling guilty and selfish for taking time out
  • Too busy and tired 
  • Not knowing what to do
  • Other expectations of you
  • Being so use to doing things for others
  • Lack of motivation, can’t be bothered 
  • Being in a comfort zone
  • Fear – afraid to make change
  • Self doubt
  • Self worth  – feeling you don’t deserve self care
  • Culture / Society 
  • Judgement of others 

Today, identify your barriers. 

Then, write down all the things you think you need to do to overcome those barrier(s). It won’t be possible in the month of January to overcome all these barriers as some may be more deeper rooted, which can obviously take time -perhaps months or even the whole year to really master them! However NOW is the time to sow those seeds in your mind and heart… and then keep watering them throughout the year…… watch them grow!  

Some barriers, which are more practical such as time management and are based around specific activities can be achieved much sooner. 

Tuesday 8th January 

Today make a list of all the things that mean self care to you, such as;

  • Having a soak in the bath
  • Meditation 
  • Listening to relaxing music
  • Going for a walk
  • Meeting a friend who lifts your spirit
  • Colouring, doodling, drawing 
  • Reading a book
  • Exercise 
  • Journalling/writing 
  • Playing an instrument 
  • Putting candles on and relaxing
  • Booking a treatment

Pick three from your list and schedule these in for next month -Yes we are already preparing for February. Planning and preparing is key when it comes to self care. At the very least put in your calendar for February ‘Self Care – tbc!’ threes times. Find some free time, whether it be one our, half a day or a whole day. Figure out what you will be doing nearer the time, for now just save the dates! 

So you’ve made your Self Care List, scheduled time in for February – now  Today also take up to 30 minutes to practice your self care, no matter what it is. I challenge you to take out those 30 minutes, today just for you!

Wednesday 9th January 

Today refer back to your self love barriers and choose one – hold this in mind all day today. Notice how this barrier gets in your way of day to day life (whatever you may be doing today) and experiment with things that may help you overcome this today. 

So for example:

-If your barrier is feeling tired and drained, drink some water to lift you, close your eyes for 2-3 minutes and take some deep breaths or go for a 10 minute walk to make you feel more alive. 

-If your barrier is time, try and pace yourself today, notice how by ‘slowing down’ just by a few seconds does not make the world end. Do one thing at a time, rather than multi-tasking. Where in your calendar can you add a break today? Eat your lunch away from your desk or work space.  

-If your barrier is self doubt or low self worth, repeat a mantra or a positive quote in your head. Find one that resonates with you for today. Write it on a post it note and stick it somewhere you will see it. Some examples; 

I can do this. l AM doing it. I so have got this!

Just for today I will not worry. 

I am beginning to love myself today, moment by moment. 

I deserve to feel happiness.

I am good enough.

You can combine these with breathing techniques, for example, Take a deep breath in and as you do this say in your mind ‘ I breathe in Self Love’. Then Breathe out and say ‘I let go of all Self Doubt’. Repeat this at least three times. Do this with your chosen quote or Mantra. 

You have got this! As you become more aware of what holds you back on a day to day basis, this will empower you to make changes. Self awareness is power!

Thursday 10th January 

Today choose something from your Self Care list to do for 30 minutes again, but this time try something different to what you may normally do. Maybe treat yourself to a nice treat? You deserve it.

Friday 11th January 

Start your day by saying; 

‘I am bigger than my self love barriers. I am deserving of so much self care. I am learning to overcome my self love barriers a little bit more each day.’

Repeat this three times during the day. Maybe afternoon, early evening and before you go to sleep. 

The weekend!

Practice self care over the weekend! You may already plans, or maybe you don’t – you could be working. Either way don’t forget about your self care at weekends. Where during this weekend will you find time to add in your self care?

Also try this – Look in the mirror at yourself. Weird? ‘Mirror Work’ is very powerful and something Louise Hay, wrote about in her recent books. It is so powerful – coming face to face with yourself. You may not be able to do this exercise. Don’t worry if you can’t. Just try the following and stop at the point that feels uncomfortable – but try to get past your comfort zone in the first instance.  

Look in the mirror at yourself. Look into your eyes in the mirror for 30 seconds. Feel that connection with yourself. Then say, ‘I love you…….. I really love you………and I am going to take care of you today’. 

Notice how this felt and make a note of it. Don’t worry if you found this hard. It can be difficult to connect to your inner self in such a way. Your inner child. Your soul. YOU. Do this Saturday and Sunday. 

Have a great week and all the best with this weeks challenge. Feel free to post comments below. 

I heard somewhere recently that:  

Micro Changes make Macro Transformations. 

You have took that first step!

Fairy steps, baby steps, one foot in front of the other. Each day is a new day.

Keep going 🙂 

Week 3 – ‘Love my body‘ – Physical health 

This week we are working on the body part of our overall well being; Mind, BODY and Soul. 

All three are interconnected. One impacts another. To be fully aligned and in good health, all three aspects need to be in balance with each other. Our emotions affect our body. Aches, pains and ailments manifest in our body as a result of psychological or emotional causes. Have you noticed if you are stressed or anxious and how this may impact on your appetite, tension in your body, headaches, sleep pattern? 

This weeks challenge asks you to make a closer connection to your body! Are you up for this?

Monday 14th January  

Today, connect with your breath. Feel you breath. Notice your breath. Be your breath. Use your breath. 

We breathe all the time don’t we? Well we would not be here without it. How often do you actually stop and notice your breath?

Today notice your breath throughout the day – Just become aware of your breath. Hear it, feel it going in through your nostril and out your mouth – does it feel cold or warm? Are you breathing slow, or fast? Are you breathing into your lungs or your stomach?

If you feel stressed at any point of the day, then use your breath to help calm you. Take a deep breath in through your nose, all the way into your stomach and then take a deeper and longer breath out of your mouth. Repeat at least three times. Notice your body relax. Notice your mind becoming more peaceful. 

So, for today connect with your breath!

Tuesday 15th January

Today, be aware of what you put in your body. Think twice before you decide what to eat or drink -Ask yourself, do I want this, or do I need it? What is the difference? Drink more water than you usually would as this flushes toxins out of your system, not just physical ones, but emotional ones too. It clears stagnated energy giving you more life and a natural boost!

Make healthy choices today with food and drink. Coffee or peppermint tea? Chocolate or fruit? 

Show your body love by putting things in there that are good for it

Wednesday 16th January

Start your day with a 5 minute body scan. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Start by taking three deep breaths in and out, to centre yourself. Then visually scan your body. With your eyes closed imagine your attention moving around the different parts of your body. Start on your head, forehead, cheeks, back of your neck, shoulders….. (work your way down). 

You are scanning for areas that feel unconformable, sore, painful etc. These aches and pains, that may well live with you daily but you seldom notice, yet they remain as something you carry with you.

Today, by acknowledging these you are honouring them – saying hello! Once we acknowledge something, we can deal with it. 

So when you come across an ache or a pain, stop there for a few moments and visualise white light surrounding  that part of your body. Bright, shinning white light! Give the pain permission to go. Then continue with your body scan. 

This is a good way to start your day and check in with your body. It is a good way to connect to your body, rather than spending a whole day in your mind and not even realising you are also in a body…….. not just your mind!

Thursday 17th January

Experiment with colour! Choose your clothes wisely today! Wear something different? What colour are you drawn to? What colour are you feeling today? Use your body to express outwardly today. How is your exterior going to represent your interior? Style up today! 

Friday 18th January 

Do 30 minutes of exercise today. Walking, jogging, swimming, dancing, yoga – whatever tickles our fancy, do it!! Use your exercise to shake everything off! 

The weekend – Coming up!


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