11:11 Self Love Challenge  – From 1st November to 11th November for 11 days!

Day 1 – 1st November

Look back at the last 10 months and identify three changes that you have made this year to improve your overall being. 

Day 2 – 2nd November 

Think of a challenging situation that you were faced with this year that rather than ‘reacting to you responded with love. 

Day 3 – 3rd November 

How creative have you been this year and in which ways. Write a list of how you intend to bring more creativity into your life in 2019

Day 4 – 4th November

How much love and compassion have you shown yourself this year? Write down four specific goals of how you will improve your self love in 2019?

Day 5 – 5th November

In 2018, in which ways did you change yourself and your circumstances, allowing yourself to be more of your true self?

Day 6 – 6th November

Love yourself unconditionally! Write down three of your ‘imperfections’ you have started to embrace this year in 2018. Which three will you be intending to embrace next year? 

Day 7 – 7th November 

What stops you from being your true self and following your hearts desire? Write down all your fears that might be holding you back. 

Day 8 – 8th November 

Take some time out to reflect on what you love about yourself. What is quirky and unique about you? What makes you, YOU? 

Day 9 –  9th December

What habits, thoughts, fears, people, situations in your life don’t resonate with the vibration of love? Let go of what no longer serves you in a loving way.

Day 10 – 10th December

‘What does my soul want?’ Ask yourself this question and see what answer you receive through your intuition. Love and honour your soul today. 

Day 11 – 11 November 

Today at 11:11am, for 11 minutes write all that you wish to manifest in your life. Write from a place of self love not from a place of lack. 



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