Welcome to Week 3  of the 21 Day Self Love Challenge – The final week of the challenge. 

If you have missed it so far -You can access WEEK 1 and WEEK 2  and do it in your own time!

Let’s continue to focus on our overall holistic wellbeing – our emotional health, physical health and spiritual health – Mind, Body & Soul. 

Day 15 – 3rd September

Do something today to feed your soul. How do you know when something is in line with your soul? You feel that spark, your passion is ignited, you feel inner joy, you might get goosebumps…








Today do something to create those feelings. So what is soul food?

Being creative, going out into nature, meditation, spending time with people who lift your spirit (or call a friend if you can’t meet!), watch something inspirational, read a self development book – Do you have any other ideas for soul food? 


Day 16 – 4th September

So what did you do to look after your soul in day 15? I intended to go try Kundalni yoga but the class was not on, so I did some meditation  instead – what did you do? 


So reflecting on the last couple days, I want you to now think about which aspect of your wellbeing needs more of your time and investment?








Does your MIND, BODY or SOUL need more Self Love? 

Choose one that you feel has been a bit neglected and come up with 3 ideas of how you’re going introduce more Self Love to that aspect. 

Day 17 – 5th September

Let’s rewind to Day 3 – What did you want to embrace more about yourself? 

Now let’s rewind back to Day 6 – What gave you joy on that day? What lit you up from inside? 

These could be small indicators to some of your passions.








Today’s Challenge is to for a moment forget about work, chores, finances, mundane things…. and put your attention within yourself, focus on your inner self. Ask it what it’s passions are? What does it truly desire? Focus on this for a few moments. 

Write down, the first things that come into your mind… write them down even though they may not make sense. Write them down before the logical mind kicks in, which can be linked with doubt and fear. Don’t edit your thoughts! 

If you find this hard to do, then think about what you loved to do as a child, that somehow got hidden along the way as life took over! 

Would you like to create more time in your life for these things? 

Day 18 – 6th September

How was day 17? Did you tune into yourself? What hidden passions or desires did you discover? 

For Day 18, start to think about how can you put any of these desires into action? On Day 12 you identified what your self love barriers are.

 Are these the same barriers that still exist? 



Self Love is learning to say YES to what makes you tick!

What do you need to do to start removing your barriers?  Create space? Do research? Make an action plan? Get some advice? Book a course? Declutter? Speak to a friend?Download an app? Get organised? 

What FIRST step towards your passion and desires do you need to take NOW? 


Day 19 – 7th September

Everything we’ve done during this Self Love Challenge has been about you creating and developing a better connection with your own very self. 

It’s been about you being more of YOU! It’s been about you focusing on yourself ( which can be really difficult for many!).

We show different parts of ourselves to different people. This is a personal choice. However if you’re hiding your true self from others due to a Self Love Barrier (fear, worried about being judged, anxious about rejection etc) then ask yourself what could happen if you allowed yourself to be more YOU each and every day. What doors could open? What opportunities might arise? How might you feel? 

I looked back at a Instagram post I added one year ago, and the message was so apt for today’s challenge; 

“The most freeing thing you can do is to be yourself. That’s when you start to attract the right people who are vibrating on your level. Letting go can be scary, but it’s scarier to be injust to yourself in the long run. Trust yourself. Your intuition never lies”

Food for thought! 

Today’s Challenge is just to try and be more of YOU today, than yesterday.

Enjoy ! 

Day 20 – 8th September

It’s our preultimate day of this challenge today! 

Today I want you to reflect back on all the challenge. Rewind to Day 1 and think about the last 21 days! What’s changed in you, what is different? Have there been shifts? Even little ones?

Are you giving yourself more time now, even if it’s 5 minutes to breathe? Have you put your needs first in some way differently than before? Did you do something creative for you? Did you learn something new about yourself during the challenge? Do you feel better from within, in any way?  WHAT DOORS HAS SELF LOVE OPENED?

Did you LET GO (In process of letting go) of your SELF LOVE BARRIERS? Have you started to close any doors? This could be unhealthy habits, facing some of your ‘shadows’ or sabotaging or self destructive ways of thinking? 

SELF LOVE IS A LIFE LONG COMMITMENT- Well done for taking time out for yourself to join in the challenge… even if all you did was to allow time to reflect on the challenge themes!!! 

So for TODAY think about what doors Self Love has started to open and also close for you!

Day 21 – 9th September

So today is the last day of the challenge, but developing your self love does not stop here! 

Today I want you to think about ONE thing at least that you are going to continue to do to maintain developing your self love! 

Are you going to focus on your mind, body or Soul? 

Are you going to create more time for you? Eat better? Meditate? Go out in nature? Keep a Self Love journal? Treat yourself more? Spend more time with people who lift you? Say NO more often. 

Are you going to continue letting go of the thoughts, feelings, cycles, habits that prevent you from feeding yourself good stuff- if so how are you going to do this?

Are you going to diarise and schedule Self Love ahead of time, to make sure you create time for it? Have that bubble bath, try that new skill, do more things that bring you joy?

Now is a good opportunity to re-scale yourself Self love level, so HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE YOURSELF…. RIGHT NOW…Scale  0 to 10.

10 being the most. How does this compare to the beginning of the challenge?

Email me sukhi@enlightcounselling.co.uk, comment below or contact me via Social Media to let me know, that ONE THING you are intending to do to continue developing your self love!

I will continue to offer regular check ins on Facebook and Instagram where I will also notify you of new Self Love Blogs. 

Keep on sprinkling Self Love on yourself and watch it spread around you!! By taking time out for the 21 Day Self Love Challenge is a BIG ACT of SELF LOVE – so now keep it up. 




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