Hey guys welcome to the second week of the 21 Day Self Love Challenge. You will find the last 7 Days here 

If you want to read more I reflected on Self Love HERE after the first week – just some of my thoughts and reflections!

So let’s move on with the Challenge

Day 8 – 27th Aug

Start the week of with accepting yourself exactly where you are at. Accept whatever emotion you are feeling. Self Love does not mean you will always be feeling happy and wonderful all the time, it actually means you accept yourself just as you are.     







Don’t put pressure on yourself and don’t set high expectations today. JUST BE and embrace yourself however you feel today. Whatever you feel LET IT RIDE. Your emotions are never bigger than you, even though at times it may feel like it.


DAY 9 – 28th August 


Today’s challenge is to BREATHE in SELF LOVE and BREATHE out SELF DOUBT along with any other limiting feelings or beliefs. 








Whenever you feel like you need a boost, to help you get out of your comfort zone or to gain a bit more confidence, simply imagine yourself breathe in SELF LOVE and breath out SELF DOUBT, 

What ever it is that you want to do, achieve or succeed in YOU CAN DO IT. 

DAY 10 – 29th August


Music  expresses the soul. We all resonate to music whether we use it to enhance our feelings, to lift our spirits or to block out our thoughts. You may listen to different types of music for different moods. 








Today’s challenge – What is your song for Self Love? Are there lyrics that you connect to in a song? Is there music that sends positive self love vibes to you. Don’t have a Self Love Song? Maybe one will come up for you today? Or can you think of one today for this challenge?

My old time favourite is Mariah Carey, Hero

“When you feel like hope is gone, look inside you and be strong and you’ll finally see the truth that a HERO lies in you”

This sings true to Self Love as it is all about you finding the hero (the strength, the love, the courage), from WITHIN.  

We all have that Hero within us. We all have the capacity to develop the love for ourselves. 

Look forward to hearing about your songs!


DAY 11 – 30th August

Thank you all for your song selections for Day 10 – I will write them all up soon, unless you have already seen them on instagram and Facebook! Keep ideas flowing in….

TODAY’s Challenge – Let’s organise and schedule in Self Love from…… NOW!

Time management and preparation is important to ensure you make time for Self Love…. rather than squeeze it in here and there!

So today’s challenge is diarise Self Love, for the next 2 -3 weeks. Not sure what to do? Maybe my previous blog will help with ideas. 








Even if to start of with it’s just 1 hour a week! Of course you will be SPRINKLING Self Love on yourself throughout the day, but think about also specifically taking time out for yourself too!

Happy Planning 🙂 


DAY 12 – 31st August

So did you start looking ahead in your diaries to schedule Self Love? What you got planned? 

Today’s Challenge, is to look at your SELF LOVE BARRIERS.

Have you encountered any resistance or blocks getting in your way of developing self love?


Before you can progress in loving yourself more. It’s important to know what your blocks are. What’s stopping you? Once you know the blocks you can start to work on the tools to remove them! 

So what are your blocks to self love? Is it time? Money? Not seeing it as a necessity? Can’t be bothered? Feel you’re not a priority? Too busy? Too tired? Not use it? Too busy looking after others? Demanding job? 

It will be useful to have your feedback so it can be shared with others and together you can break down the blocks! 

DAY 13 – 1st September

New day, new month! New you?

Time to reflect… What’s NEW about you? Look back on the last 13 days of the challenge. What’s different about you and your perception of Self Love? What’s shifted WITHIN you? Sense the NEWNESS.








Where did you rate yourself on the Self Love Scale at the beginning of the challenge? Where would you rate yourself NOW? Check in with yourself. If you were a 6 are you a 6.5 now or even a 7? 

So the challenge for today is to REFLECT ON THE NEWNESS SELF LOVE HAS BOUGHT INTO YOUR LIFE. This could be a new idea, new way of thinking, a new feeling…

What’s new about you right now?

DAY 14 – 2nd September

One of your responses from Day 13 was ‘Learning about myself  each day’ – that was in relation to what is new about you since the challenge? 

Learning about yourself increases your self awareness. Self Love with SELF AWARENESS is important. 








Today’s Challenge is to reflect on HOW will more self love in your life ADD to your HAPPINESS  and enhance your overall WELLBEING.

Think of your emotional, physical and spiritual health. Write these down if you want? 


2 thoughts on “21 Day Self Love Challenge – Week 2 – 27th August”

  • Kiran says :

    Impossible by shontelle
    Don’t give up on your self x

  • Claire Potter says :

    Schedule self love

    I am going to start a yoga class on a thur night, starting in 2 wks time.


    After school run, work, kids to gymnastics and tea, will feel to tired and not go.

    Also before the 6 wks holidays I started to take a long bath on a fri night, I treated myself to some nice lotions etc and it was lovely, so I intend to start this again.


    The only barriers are when the kids come in saying they need the loo, it tends to ruin the atmosphere.

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