Wow – The energy right now in England is just out of this world –  even for those not really into football (like me!).

What’s going on? Football is really coming home right….? Who knows? -but it sure is looking that way!

This collectively shared anticipation has created a somewhat ripple effect throughout England. 

Emotions are heightened – The blocks to ‘masculine vulnerability’, have crumbled down (even if only temporarily) as we travel through the World Cup. Men outwardly expressing their affection… men in tears… what usually would be stigmatised does not even hold a second thought during this time!

England is vibing on a real sense of UNITY! Strangers are talking to each other in the pubs. Passerby’s are exchanging non-verbal cues… like actual smiles…as they share the joint experience of hearing cheers echoing from a distant pub from down the road. Families are gathering around beer gardens, or snuggling up on the sofas!

Whether or not England win the world cup, it is definitely uniting people, bringing them ‘home’, almost anchoring the nation to remember this very game; running around kicking a ball, was invented in their home country, during the 19th Century and now in 2018, England really do stand a chance of winning and bringing Football home. Wow – there really is something powerful in that!? What do you think?

Like me, I don’t think you really have to be watching the football much to pick up on this wave of energy surrounding us right now.  People who would not even usually acknowledge each other on the street are chanting in harmony, ‘Footballs coming home….’ causing a vibrational raise!

This has been a free flow blog and as I reach this point I suddenly  just linked Football & Healing! There are a lot of healing elements floating around at the moment; 

  • Connectivity with others
  • A sense of belonging to ‘one’ place; England 
  • A sense of acceptance of others differences 
  • Singing/Chanting; this in its essence is sound therapy – healing through frequencies 
  • Self expression 
  • …..and many more!!!

I don’t know how much football hooliganism there has been in England, like I say I have not really been watching this closely enough, but my sense is that there has  not been much.

On a whole there is a sense of togetherness and unity and I just wanted to pop along to raise those points, unexpectedly – as writing a blog on football was really not on my agenda!

Let’s see if England, truly bring it home!

Love and Light



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