Hi Everyone – Welcome back!

If you took part in the 21 Day Self Love Challenge in January – you will recall that we closed the challenge by you writing a LOVE LETTER to yourself. You wrote this in January for the attention of your future self – to be opened week commencing 16th April! Well  it’s that time already!

Your Love Letter Reminder; 

In your letter you wrote; 

Dear (Your name) –  The future me. 

I am writing you this letter, to remind you (just in case you forgot!), about  The Self Love Challenge you took part in January 2018. 

Before The Self Love Challenge, you thought Self Love was……….

As you did The Self Love Challenge, you learnt that Self Love was……….

In 2017, you said you loved yourself (X) out of 10, with 10 being the highest. 

You realised that your Self Love Barriers were……….

As I read this letter from the OLD ME to the NOW ME, I have been reminded that I planned to show Self Love in the following areas:

Towards my Physical Health by……….

Towards my Emotional/Mental Health by……….

Towards my Spiritual Health by……….

When I finished The Self Love Challenge I loved myself (X) out of 10 and today as I read this letter I hoped to be a (X) out of 10.

This quote is especially for you……….

‘The biggest thing that you took away from the Challenge was…..’  

You made  a commitment to LOVE  YOURSELF over the last three months so, today let’s together reflect and celebrate this’

Time to Open your letter

Open your letter in your own time over this next week. 

If you did not write a letter, but took part in most of the challenge then maybe you can take this as an opportunity to reflect on your level of Self Care and Self Love. Were you raring to go in January, but somehow this slipped over the last few months? Or did you manage to maintain it – has your self love developed? 

If you did write a letter – open it! Read it, reflect on it – sit with it, let it digest. What areas have you developed? Which areas slipped? Discuss it with a friend if you like. 

Set another self review! 

Over the next week or so rethink setting yourself more Self Love Goals for over the next 3-4 months. Write yourself another letter perhaps? Or set a review date in your calendar ahead of time. 

I think if you diarise check in/reviews every few months, it can help to get back on track, should you fall off. It is a chance to re-evaluate and re-set goals. 

Use this week to do exactly this – reflect, review and reset goals! How are you going to shape the future you?!?

Through this, you will make Self Love a normal part of your life!

Thank you so much for taking part in this challenge! 

Love yourself more each and everyday!

Have a good week 🙂

Blessings, from Sukhi xx





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