A few updates about future blogs and on-line challenges!

Weekly Challenges;

There is going to be a slight shift to the Weekly Challenges, on the Website. If you follow me on Instagram @enlightcounselling you will know that I am posting regular challenges and questions on there for you to get involved in.

Post Your Question; 

I am interested in what you want to hear? What topics are of interest to you? Do you have a question, that you want me to post? Curious about what other’s views are? Post your question to me, for me to anonymously ask the public on your behalf.

Future Self Letter Opening Challenge:

Following the 21 Day Self Love Challenge in January, it is now time to open the Love Letter you wrote to yourself – Access the challenge here


Interested in writing an article for Enlight? Get in touch, if this is something you would like to do. 


This will continue thriving to provide inspiration around your personal development.

Thank you for your support and engagement 🙂

Love, Sukhi 🙂 


One thought on “Challenge Updates”

  • Pooja Kanda says :

    Hi sukhi lovely article once again. Inwould like to write love letter to myself which i havent done yet. Would like to get involve and will message you.

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