Welcome back to this weeks Self Love Challenge!

Last week was about raising your awareness and noticing how much you tune into your True Self and what potentially stops you from doing so i.e. the idea that you could hurt others in the process. 

Seesaw  – Did you notice if there was a balance between being true to yourself versus not being true to your yourself? Answer on the Facebook Poll Here. 

So, how do you know you ARE being true to yourself?

  • You accept yourself, the way you are
  • You love yourself unconditionally
  • You trust yourself, your intuition and make choices based on this
  • You make time for you and engage in things you enjoy…for you!
  • There is a sense of feeling happy and content within yourself regardless of how difficult your circumstances are
  • You feel that spark inside you and follow the things that you are passionate about
  • You are lead mostly by your heart 
  • You feel confident in yourself 

So, how do you know you are NOT being true to yourself?

  • You doubt your decisions often – you don’t trust you have made the right one
  • You are self critical often 
  • You ignore that gut feeling inside you
  • You don’t share your true thoughts and feelings with others… and even to yourself at times
  • Your head overrides your heart
  • You worry about other people judging you
  • You allow others to control you

Which one resonates with you more? Being in line with your true self or not? Perhaps you may answer differently for different times in your life. 

Lost Souls

The thing is we all get a little lost on the way at different points of our lives. We lose ourselves to the needs and expectations of others, without even consciously realising! Somehow we might end up putting ourselves last, and even forgot who we are!

Sometimes it can be years until that moment of realisation occurs – or perhaps it was there at the back of your mind all along, but you ignored it?

Are you leading the life you really want to? Are you happy in your circumstances? Perhaps the little voice inside wonders if there is more to life, more to YOU. Deep know do you know that you are not reaching your full potential? You still have dreams and desires you want to fulfil? – maybe you think they are not possible, so you gave them up… or everything else in life took priority and you ended up on the back seat? 

Getting back on track 

It is never ever too late to swap seats and get in the drivers position. It is not too late to find your way back to YOU, to connect to your own very self – After all, ultimately is that not what it is all about? The journey ‘back home’. This is the only place true happiness can be found.  

Our bodies are our physical homes –  we live in these every day! How much do you take care of this home of yours? Are you in tune with your body? Do you feel connected to it? When is the last time you gave it a spring clean? 

This Weeks Challenge 

Let’s focus on the physical body – Tune into your body. What does it feel like? Are there aches and pains – which part of the body are they on? Make a note. 

Our bodies act as channels and speak to us all the time, often through illness, pains, discomfort- do you get recurring unexplained symptoms? Wonder about what your body is trying to tell you.

For years I suffered with migraines. Years! I then about 10 years ago I started Pranayama yoga and through this realised how I carried so much stress and tension in my shoulders, and a lot of it was not even mine.  I felt responsible for others and was carrying all their ‘stuff’ on my shoulders around with me – this of course starts to weigh you down after a while.  My seesaw was out of balance.

This awareness gave me a choice to change things (Which I did) – I have never had a migraine since! Incredible right? I began to look after myself  more and balance the needs of mine and others, rather than prioritsing others needs before mine. 

What are the consequence of NOT being true to yourself?

Reflect on this. If you do not allow yourself to connect with yourself then what could happen? I’ve already mentioned physical ailments. What else might be a consequence? On instagram one person responded by writing Death of the true self.  Sounds a bit intense, but it is very true! It is the reality of not being true to you. 

What does death of the true self mean?

Which parts of us die? What does this feel like? Is this what causes anxiety? Depression? 

So going into this week we are continuing with the concept of our TRUE SELVES. 

Continue tuning into your true self and try taking some action this week – perhaps  speak your truth, express something you might usually swallow. Perhaps say NO to something because that is what your gut is guiding you to do. Notice what your body is telling you.    Wonder, if you did not respond to your true self, what might happen?

Look forward to touching base with you throughout this week on social media – I find your comments really useful, it keeps the concept of Self Love alive and hearing from you gives me great insight into your experiences and barriers to self love!

Have a great week – Love and Light



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