Happy Mother’s Day to all those celebrating in the UK. 

I think it is also important to acknowledge that today not everyone will be celebrating Mothers Day due to loss and separation

Your Inner Mother

This week, let’s focus on developing our Self Love, by tapping more into our internal mother! 

This is the part of us within us, that nurtures and takes care of ourselves. It is the healthy part of ourselves that soothes the parts that need comfort, reassurance, healing and bit of tlc every now and then. 

It is the part of us, that shows compassion to ourselves. The part of us, that tells us to rest, take good care, make positive choices, say no to ‘negative’ things etc 

It is the part of us that encourages SELF LOVE. 

Your challenge for this week; 

Notice Her

Notice, your Inner Mother throughout the week, when ‘she’ appears, guiding you to look after yourself? What does this feel like? Do you ignore it? Do you delay or postpone your Self Care? 

What is that part saying or guiding you to do? 

Make Space for her

Make space  for your inner mother. Give her time and space. Acknowledge her and spend a few moments to tune into the guidance. Your challenge is to act upon the guidance. 

Honor what that part of you is guiding you to do – take action on daily things. 

Practice listening to that part of you which encourages Self Care and Self Love. Notice the parts in you which act as barriers to this – the parts that cause conflict and make you feel like you should not take time out for yourself in a positive way. 

Face the conflict 

Try not to allow any negative thoughts to potentially get in the way of your Self Love. 

‘I deserve to be happy. I overcome any barriers getting in the way of me developing more Self Love.’ (Read this affirmation out loud, repeat it a few times) – When you notice negative thoughts then replace them with this affirmation. Say it out loud or in your mind. 

Celebration of maternal bonds

Check out my previous post from 2016, where I touch upon how counselling can help you to develop the inner mother . 

By developing and embracing your internal mother, you begin to feel more content within yourselves. ‘Last week on social media I asked the question, if you feel at home within yourself’  40 % of you said no, that you don’t. 

Practice developing Self Love – the more you learn to love and accept yourself, the more at home you will feel within yourself. 

Have a great week. 


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