Happy Post Valentine’s Day! 

What is true love?  Just a few thoughts from me…

True love is loving without expectations –  Accepting each other for the way you are. When we start to put expectations on each other, we start to expect change right, so how is that accepting each other. What do you think?

True love works through stuff-  Every couple has ups and downs, but true love is when you both work it out  – Take responsibility for your actions and not slip into blame. It’s owning your stuff and moving on from it!

True Love is freedom – Loving without ‘attachment’, not ‘clinging’, or ‘possessing’. Allowing each other to spread their wings. 

True Love is growing together – Allowing each other to grow. Encouraging each other to be true to themselves.  True love is allowing each other to evolve and transform.

True love is following your heart and instincts – It is said that we take the biggest risks with our hearts. True love is not allowing the ego to get in the way of the heart. True love is letting go of the ‘mind’ and loving from the heart space. Do you agree?

True Love is being a unit – Coming together as a ‘unit’ as well as encouraging individuality, is true love. Both need to exist. Not one or the other. Being yourselves as individuals, and coming together as a couple. 

True Love is letting go – Not holding grudges, but communicating about what has bothered you and moving on from it. Not holding on to things from the past. True love let’s that go. Acknowledge it, resolve it, accept it and move on!

True Love accepts difference – We are all unique – you may have things in common with your partner (which I believe you do need, what do you think?), but we also need to accept each others differences. 

True Love is not Black or White, it isn’t even Grey – It is colourful. 

True love does not only desire to be loved – it desires to truly love. 

What does true love mean to you?

Have a wonderful Post Valentines Day. 

Love Sukhi



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