Happy Valentines folks – regardless of your relationship status! Today, if you don’t have a valentine – then be your own valentine!

LOVE YOURSELF FIRST – Be your own other/better half! 

If you’re feeling a bit crap today, then do something to lift your spirits; watch your favourite movie, have  bubble bath, do something relaxing. Think about all the positive reasons to be single! Do something creative perhaps. Treat yourself to something nice!

Recently through the January Self Love Challenge, I re-connected with an old passion; art. This has in such a short time become really important to me in terms of Self Love and creativity. Is there something creative you can reconnect with?

Creatvity connects us to our soul and to the vibration of love (I believe).

“People should fall in love with their eyes closed” -Andy Warhol 

Fall in love with yourself. Accept yourself. Be more of your true self. 

What do you love (or like) about yourself? As part of this challenge ask friends what they like about you?

If you stripped away all the material things in your life, what would you be left with? For a moment, close your eyes to the world around you. Who are the most important people in your life that you love, for who they truly are? Who do you truly accept for their inner world? Who do you feel connected to on a deep level? Do you truley feel accepted by anyone else? Do you accept yourself?

Today, think about the falling in love with the essence of people. Who do you truley love? 

Have a wonderful day 🙂

Love, Sukhi









2 thoughts on “Day 3 – Love True Essence”

  • amol j says :

    Social media has created far easier ways to fall in love with the people. You can get angry, you can get abusive, you can troll people easily. The essence of love is lost. the ceremonious nature of love is lost.the era where there was a beauty in love that old world beauty of being in love. Love has to coincide and coexist with respect.

    1. Sukhi says :

      Hey, thank you for your comment! Interesting point about social media and it’s impact on the true essence of love! I think its a very good point! Perhaps people are not ‘relating’ and ‘communicating’ with each other face to face or even by talking on the phone! Is love becoming ‘virtual’ ?

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