Welcome back, or hello and welcome (If it’s your first time!). 

Following the 21 Day Self Love Challenge in January, I have started these weekly Self Love Challenges posted on a Sunday night for the week ahead!

Last week the challenge was to think about What Makes You, You ? – What is unique about you?

This week we are going to be looking at the theme of LOVE (as Valentines creeps up on us) and how SELF LOVE fits into our Love for others!

You can take part in this challenge regardless of your relationship status!

The aim of the challenge is to Stop and Reflect on Love – That’s it! Sounds simple right!? I started to re-explore the concept of love (In more depth recently) based on personal and professional experiences and observations. For many years I have supported clients to work through their current obstacles in life, which have stemmed from their early experiences; these shape how we relate to ourselves and others.

When we throw all our experiences of love, right from day dot into the mix, we might find quite a cocktail! Therefore our very own personal experience of love will determine the different types, levels and lengths of love we experience. 

In a nutshell, some types of love, from my perspective;

-Platonic Love

-Co-dependant Love / Fear, attachment based love

-Romantic Love – an ‘In Love’ Love

– ‘Fallen out of Love’ Love 

-Unexplained Love; Where the heart knows, but the mind can’t explain

-Convenient Love 

-Familial Love – The type of love we have for family – this might be ‘unconditional’ or ‘conditional’ depending on our experiences

-Deep, caring, affectionate type of love 

-Karmic love – Returning for ‘clearing’ and ‘healing’ (Depending  on spiritual views), therefore we could get into Soul Love and Cosmic Love as well

-Suffocating / engulfed Love / Overprotective Love 

*If you feel you are experiencing Domestic Abuse – Please click here for more information and support*

-Ultimately, there is Unconditional Love. The ‘be all and end all’ type of love!

I can carry on forever, but do you get the jist?

Love can seem quite complex, when we try to make sense of the relationships it resides in, but once we strip away all these different types of love, the type of love that promises to be the most life changing (and in theory, the most simple – But not necessarily in practice – initially anyway!) is SELF LOVE. This type of love will form a solid foundation for any other type of love, with ‘another’; UNCONDITIONAL SELF LOVE. 

If you missed The 21 Day Self Love Challenge you can check it out anytime and work through it at your leisure. 

Over the next 5 Days, each morning a challenge for the day will be posted around 6am (Pre Scheduled!) – So keep a look out. As usual there will be reminders on Facebook and Instagram, where you can also get involved in conversations and voting polls – it’s always insightful to get your views! Are you ready for the challenge? Yes or No? 

I’m looking forward to it! Catch you tomorrow 💕💕

Love, Sukhi 🙂 


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