In day 2 I wrote that Self Love to me means looking after your Mind, Body and Soul, This is looking after yourself HOLISTICALLY, your whole self.

Sometimes we can focus too much on one aspect and not enough on another so therefore become unbalanced.  Today, let’s focus on the ‘Body’ – Our Physical Health

What does this include?

  • A healthy nutritious diet
  • Eating regularly – Taking lunch breaks at work
  • Drinking lots of water 
  • A healthy sleep routine
  • Being active – engaging in some sort of exercise
  • Taking time of work if you are sick
  • Resting your body
  • Going to seek medical help when you are not well

Day 9 Self Love Challenge 

Are you looking after your physical health?

1) Reflect on in which ways you look after your physical health? 

2) In what ways CAN you look after your body and physical health MORE?

3) How can you incorporate looking after your physical health throughout your day? Making it part of your routine. 


Spend some time reflecting on the above and write it down if it helps, or discuss it with someone today.

We can put our physical bodies through a lot at times, due to the demands of life, work, family etc.

How often do you stop to listen to your body? Do you just carry on and ignore physical symptoms?

Some ideas:

Eat your lunch away from your desk

Go for a walk at lunch time

Sit with a good posture when working, don’t slouch 

Do some exercise or stretching regularly 

Don’t delay going to see a health professional 

Today as you go about your day, start to notice and become aware of your physical body.

Thinking about our body and becoming more aware of it can make us feel more connected to it. This can feel grounding and also support your emotional wellbeing by making you feel more balanced

Have a great day. 




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