2016 is around the corner!!

The New Year is fast approaching us and will be evoking various thoughts and feelings in people all around the globe right now. There may be happiness and excitement, or perhaps fear and dread, there may even be regret and sadness. Amongst these feelings, there will be those motivated individuals eager to start their new year resolutions, hoping to achieve positive changes in 2016!

Really, we can implement change in our lives at any point of the year but quite often the new year is associated with this; New year, New start! ‘Lose weight’, ‘Get fit’, ‘Quit smoking’, seem to be common areas of desired change. These can however prove to be difficult to sustain and we might find ourselves slipping back into old ways after a few months. Why do you think it is so hard to keep up with resolutions?

The trouble is we get preoccupied with changing ourselves from the ‘outside’, we forget that the work actually begins from within and involves a commitment. Quick-fixes and short-cuts are tempting but don’t help with long term goals. Modern life can also be very busy and we subsequently lose touch with ourselves. Conflict between what we truly want and what we think others and society expect from us can cause a sense of disconnection.


So, why not give yourself some time right ‘now’ to connect to your inner self, focusing on your personal growth throughout 2015.

Just a few prompts, to get you thinking!

 In 2015, how have you increased your self awareness? Perhaps you discovered something new about yourself. Maybe you created a new opportunity or even let one pass by. If you could turn the clock back, what would you change about any missed opportunities? This could be a job, a potential new relationship…

What inspired you in 2015? Did you make significant changes to your life as a result, or did the inspiration just fade away? Sometimes we feel scared of change, because it feels unsafe to step outside our comfort zone, so instead we stay where we are and deny ourselves from potentially happier experiences. Has this happened to you? Reflect on what stopped you from allowing joy into your life.

In 2015 how have you developed a meaningful relationship with yourself? Nurturing oneself, spending time alone, meditating, being creative and journaling your experiences are just some ways of building that relationship with yourself. Did you detach yourself from certain people or situations this year, to reduce negativity in your life?

How have you coped with obstacles this year? Have you faced or avoided them? Maybe you took brave steps to improve your own or someone else’s well-being. You may have even made sacrifices for the goodness of others. Whatever you have experienced and however you have reacted to it, it has helped you to grow and this will continue in 2016.

Embrace each challenge in your life as an opportunity for self-transformationBerni S. Siegal

What next?

Whilst reflecting on the above, you may have experienced particular feelings; stuckness, dissatisfaction with life, fear or perhaps even a niggling gut feeling about certain situations or people (that you may or may not be ready to act upon…yet!) On the other hand, excitement, a sense of liberation, hope and a readiness to enter 2016 may have emerged!

Reflecting on thoughts, feelings and experiences helps to gain a greater self-awareness allowing connection with your inner self. This inevitably impacts on your relationships and circumstances. New realisations start to unblock barriers that might prevent you from achieving your goals and resolutions – enabling you to take more control over the changes you desire.

So, why not shift the focus of your New Year resolutions from the ‘outside’ to the ‘inside’, and instead of wanting to drop that dress size, consider some of these instead;

  • Create time and space to nurture yourself
  • Make time for mindfulness
  • Spend more time with people who inspire you


Notice how introducing these aspects into your life can really begin to change it. Thank you for taking time to read my first blog- Wishing you an enlightening 2016 – Happy New Year!



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